Food Stamp Fraud In New Jersey

Welfare fraud, including food stamp fraud, in New Jersey is a criminal offense with penalties that can range from probation and a fine to several years in prison. If you are charged with food stamp fraud in New Jersey, this is a potentially serious matter that could affect your personal and professional future  in many, sometimes unexpected, ways.

Food stamp fraud  is also considered a crime of moral turpitude, which places you at risk of deportation if you are not a citizen of the united  States. Conviction for a crime such as fraud can also potentially affect any current professional licenses you hold, as well as your ability to obtain future professional licenses.

The severity of the penalty for  food stamp  fraud may depends on several factors, including previous criminal  history, the amount involved, whether the fraud occurred as part of a far-reaching scheme or conspiracy.

New Jersey uses an electronic system to keep track of information submitted by food stamp applicants and to check it against other available information in order to detect and prevent fraud.

Food stamp fraud includes such activities as lying on one’s application and/or hiding assets or income,  applying for food stamps in New Jersey while receiving food stamps in a different state, applying for food stamps while  collecting unemployment benefits.

If you are concerned that you may be investigated for food stamp fraud in New  Jersey, your first step should be to contact a first-rate defense attorney. You should not  speak  with investigators or provide any information without  consulting an attorney first. Call our experienced New  Jersey welfare fraud defense attorneys at  973-200-3630  to schedule an immediate consultation.

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